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Rejuvenating shingles reduces landfill waste

Greener Shingle Solutions The Biggest Enemy of Any Shingle System is Oxidation Asphalt roofs usually start showing some signs of oxidation after five to ten years depending on region and environmental conditions. The shingle’s granule coating start washing into the gutters as the essential oil dry up and loose its ability to hold the granular in place. Greener Shingle Solutions will bring your shingles back closer to their original color. Most shingles lighten in color as the oil dries and the roof starts to age again. Greener Shingle Solutions uses a Patented bio-based maltene rejuvenator that can reverse years of oxidation and has been used for over ten years to rejuvenate asphalt roads though out North America and other selected countries around the world. It replace oils and resins that are lost through the natural aging process and years of Oxidation Reduces life cycle costs Increases shingle flexibility by reducing viscosity Environmentally-safe Polymer-modified Easy application, quickly penetrates and is dry in 30 to 40 minutes Soy-based Sustainable and cost effective Lab tested and proven Waterproofs the surface, slowing and initially even reversing the effects of oxidation. Save money while protecting the environment with a Biobased Solution

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